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Back to the BasicsÖÖComing home to God

My name is Michael and I thank God that Faith Mission is in my life. Itís a wonderful place of love, friendship and compassion. Itís giving me food, shelter and opportunities for employment. Itís also healing my spirit.

I grew up in the church and came from a good family. But my addictions and separation from God made me lose my way. Here at the Mission Iím getting closer to God. Iím holding my Lord and Savior high, and Iím coming back to the basics of my faith. What I now also realize is that God never left meÖI left Him!

Following the Golden Rule

Iím discovering that the Golden Rule is still the best ruleÖand I do my best to show love, speak love and to do unto others what Iíd like to have done to me. When I live this way, God blesses me, and I thank Him for that blessing.

Iíve been in many shelters up and down the east coast, but thereís no place like Faith Mission. Here my soul is finding great peace in troubled times.

Iím also grateful to you who give so generously of your time, money and energy to the Mission to help people like meóespecially during the holiday season. I pray that God blesses you, and that you will continue to remember us who need your love. Thank you for all you do.

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