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From the time we opened the doors at Faith Mission's Resource Center on November 6, 2000, clients, staff and volunteers have worked together to make the center a huge success.

Our accomplishments are evident in the following statistics:
Nearly 1000 clients utilized the Resource Center during its first year of operation, a total of 1,552 visits.
More than 228 interviews were obtained.
Over 130 clients found employment!

Having access to phones, a fax machine, PC's with Internet service, bus passes and directories of Columbus services has allowed hundreds of individuals to complete a variety of business activities. Frequent activities include: setting up employment interviews, writing resumes, utilizing private voice mail, learning about training opportunities within the community, accessing job hotlines, and conducting housing searches.

Equally important are the psychological benefits of using the center. Simply coming in on a regular basis to look at new job postings, to receive phone messages or to make photocopies keeps the momentum going toward reaching goals.

"As a coordinator in the resource center, I often receive a genuine 'thank you' from a client when their goals have been met," said one staff memeber. "These uplifting messages are encouraging to me as a staff person, and to the other clients utilizing the Resource Center. The pride and hope evident in their faces when they receive that first paycheck really shows that we can 'create a better world by serving people in need.'"

If you have a skill or know of an activity that would be beneficial to our residents, please contact Volunteer Services at 614-224-6617, x2171.

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