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Faith Mission is unwavering in its mission to serve those without food or shelter. Under the operation of Lutheran Social Services of Central Ohio, Faith Mission has services and programs offered at the following Columbus locations:
The men's shelter at 151 N. Sixth Street serves 110 each night (up to 134 during winter overflow months)
Nancy's Place at 325 E. Long Street serves 46 women each night (up to 52 during winter overflow months)
Faith Mission on 8th Avenue, located at 599 E. 8th Avenue, serves up to 110 men each night
The Faith Mission Resource Center at 315 E. Long St. where clients are given assistance in finding employment, learning computer skills and resume writing
The Clinic at Faith Mission, also at 315 E. Long St., provides medical, dental and vision care to homeless individuals

(July 2010 - June 2011)
Total meals served (breakfast, lunch and dinner) 326,294
Nights of emergency shelter 112,051
Total number of people served at Resource Centers 1,248
Total number of people served at the clinic 4,163

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